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Airframe is a collection of lightweight building blocks for Scala.





For Developers

Dotty (Scala 3)

For developing with Dotty (Scala 3), use DOTTY=true environment variable:

$ DOTTY=true ./sbt
> logJVM/test

Or use ++ 3 in the sbt console:

# Switch to Scala 3
> ++ 3

For starting a migration of some project to Scala 3, create a PR that removes .settings(scala2Only) from build.sbt to use Scala 3 in the project, and add the project to projectDotty. After all tests pass, the PR can be merged.

Here is the list of milestones for Dotty support: #1077


For every commit merged to the master branch, a draft of the release note will be updated with release-drafter.

To publish a new version, first, create a new release tag as follows:

$ git switch master
$ git pull
$ ruby ./scripts/release.rb

This step will update docs/ and push a new git tag to the GitHub. After that, GitHub actions for releading artifacts to Sonatype will be triggered automatically.

Next, edit and publish the draft of the release note. If necessary, adjust the version number and target tag.

Do not create a new tag from GitHub release pages, because it will not trigger the GitHub Actions for the release.


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