oyvindberg / bleep   0.0.3

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A bleeping fast scala build tool!

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12

A bleeping fast scala build tool!

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See documentation at https://bleep.build


Check out bleep source code

$ git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/oyvindberg/bleep.git

Install bleep

See https://bleep.build/docs/installing/

Use bleep to build bleep

# compile all projects using scala 2.13
$ bleep compile jvm213

Setup in IDE

$ bleep setup-ide jvm213

And then open in using metals or intellij.

See setting-up-build-in-ide for a bit more info.

Run bleep

You have several options:

  • run with bleep bleep run bleep-cli@jvm213
  • run bleep.Main from your IDE
  • generate a native image (bleep native-image) and run that (the path will be printed). This is slow, but a few things can only be tested this way.
  • generate a shell wrapper script:
# generate script in build directory
$ bleep setup-dev-script bleep-cli@jvm213

# with this approach you need to compile manually
$ bleep compile bleep-cli@jvm213

$ ./[email protected]

Generating shell wrapper scripts is currently not implemented on windows, but it's likely easy to add if you want it.

Submitting code

  • All changes go through PRs
  • Code should be formatted correctly (bleep fmt) and tests should pass (bleep test).