typelevel / scalac-options   0.1.4

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A library for configuring scalac options

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12
Scala.js versions: 1.x


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scalac-options is a library containing logic for configuring Scala compiler options according to the current Scala compiler version.

This logic was originally developed in the sbt-tpolecat sbt plugin, and this library is intended to enable the reuse of that logic in other build tool plugins, for example sbt-typelevel and mill-tpolecat.


This library is published for Scala 2.12.x, 2.13.x and 3.1.x:

// sbt
"org.typelevel" %% "scalac-options" % "0.1.3"

// mill

// Scala CLI
//> using lib "org.typelevel::scalac-options:0.1.3"

This library offers functions for filtering proposed Scala compiler options according to Scala version:

scalacOptions := ScalacOptions.tokensForVersion(
  ScalaVersion.V3_1_0, // the Scala compiler major, minor, patch version
  ScalacOptions.default // a curated default option set
) // returns a Seq[String] of Scala compiler options

) // returns a Set[ScalacOption]

A shorthand for using the default option set is also provided:

scalacOptions := ScalacOptions.defaultTokensForVersion(
) // returns a Seq[String] of Scala compiler options based on the default option set

) // returns a Set[ScalacOption] based on the default option set


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