Standalone fluentd server for Java/Scala

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Standalone fluentd ( server for Java and Scala.

This library launches a new fluentd server using a random port when fluentd is not started in the node.

Use cases:

  • Running test codes that use fluentd (logger) in a build server (e.g., Travis CI, Jenkins, etc.), in which fluentd is not running.

Usage (Java/Scala)

fluentd depends on some ruby modules. You need to install these dependencies first.

The simplest way is just install fluentd.

$ gem install fluentd -v 1.6.2

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libraryDependencies += "org.xerial" %% "fluentd-standalone" % "1.6.2"

Sample code

import xerial.fluentd.FluentdStandalone;

FluentdStandalone s = new FluentdStandalone();
// Start new fluentd server

// Send log messsages to fluentd
int port = s.port(); // fluentd port

// Terminate the fluentd

For developers

$ git clone
$ cd fluentd-standalone
$ git submodule init          # Only for the first time
$ git submodule update        # Fetch fluentd 

# Run tests
$ ./sbt test