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Basic and generic concepts and stuff useful in all my coding adventures

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 *  Copyright (c) Razvan Cojocaru, 2007+, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

What's this?

Some code I dind't want to have to write...

There's a very simple and light, multi-threaded and embedded http server which can support any socket protocol, see https://github.com/razie/razbase/tree/master/web - this server supports streaming etc.

Distributed infrastructure, managing assets and other agent logic moved to https://github.com/razie/razmutant see http://homecloud.wikidot.com/agents

There's a simple Light SOA framework, which allows you to easily create "services": just have a Java class, annotate the methods you want available over http and register it with the server. While the servlet thing is great, it's not that easy to use and most services/methods are really simple and this way you can test them either directly by Java calls or via the http server.

Two things I was investigating were drawing and streaming.

Drawing - basically any code anywhere will draw something. Even if it doesn't, the objects it uses could be seen by someone somewhere, be it a web page, AJAX, SVG, Eclipse, SWING ... god knows what. So, here's a simple and generic drawing framework.

Streaming - instead of hard-coding the communication protocols throughout the code, I'm trying to abstract the basics of a communications framework, with callbacks all the way into the browser - by streaming say result sets in parallel.

Razbase is used in http://www.tryscala.org and http://www.effectiveskiing.com


I only maintain this as I need to - some parts of it are still used in other projects. Most of the ideas pursued originally are now available in much better form in projects like reactive streams etc.

How to use

The sbt/maven artifact is:

def razBase = "com.razie" %% "razbase"         % "0.6.3-SNAPSHOT"

Make sure that, if you use a SNAPSHOT version, the snapshots repository is added to sbt, as in https://github.com/razie/scripster/blob/master/project/Build.scala :

resolvers ++= Seq("snapshots" at "http://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots",
                  "releases"  at "http://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases")

For an example, see usage in my snakked project. Good luck!


  • 0.9.1-SNAPSHOT is the 2.11.8 build
  • 0.6.4-SNAPSHOT is the 2.10.0 build, no other code changes
  • 0.6.3-SNAPSHOT is the last 2.9.1 build

Developing & Building

These projects are setup as eclipse projects and also have ant build.xml files.

Here's how to build it:

  1. Make a workspace directory ${w}

  2. checkout the following projects

    cd ${w} git clone git@github.com:razie/razbase.git

Note: if you don't have a github ssh key setup, use the anonymous checkout:

git clone http://github.com/razie/razbase.git
  1. Setup sbt 0.11 (simple build tool) and scala 2.9.1 distribution


  1. Eclipse setup

    • install the scala plugin
    • use sbt and run the command "update" to get all the libraries downloaded

7.1. create the projects open the project in eclipse

Good luck!