razie / lightsoa   0.6.7


simple soa annotations for a service's methods


A microservices framework, a simple set of annotations for remote methods and related support.

See SoaStreamable for an early example of a streaming API.

See XmlDb for a sample of a distributed, eventually consistent data structure.

See also https://github.com/razie/razmutant and https://github.com/razie/razbase/tree/master/web


Not maintained anymore.

Why "lightsoa" ?

While it is normal design practice of having corresponding service/methods represented by Java/Scala classes/methods, I have yet to see a very easy way to just annotate them and have them remoted via REST or whatever...

Besides, I have quite a number of classes using these annotations since '07 that it's easier this way...


In the sbt Project file for your project (project/build/Project.scala), add the dependency:

val lsoa = "com.razie" %% "lightsoa" % "0.6.3-SNAPSHOT"

Or Maven style: