ceedubs / ficus   1.1.2

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Scala-friendly companion to Typesafe config - moved to https://github.com/iheartradio/ficus

Scala versions: 2.11

Project has moved

The official repository is now iheartradio/ficus, since the kind folks at iHeartRadio have adopted this library.

Reasons for handing over ownership

I had been neglecting Ficus for several reasons:

  • At work we use knobs
  • I am a bit oversubscribed on open source projects
  • Ficus scratched an itch when I first wrote it, but if I were to write it again right now, I would approach it differently.
    • I would represent errors explicitly in the types (currently it throws exceptions, which can be handy, but I would want an alternative).
    • I would use Shapeless to derive readers instead of a macro. At the time, the macro was necessary to use default values on classes, but Shapeless now provides full support for this.
    • I think I would end up writing a shapeless-knobs micro library that simply provides Shapeless-derived Configured instances.

Having said that, I know there are a number of people that are happily using Ficus. So I'm quite thankful and happy that a team at iHeartRadio has adopted it.