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Sbt line

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("morgaroth", "maven")
libraryDependencies += "io.github.morgaroth" %% "utils-mongodb" % "3.0.1"


  • 3.0.1:

    • added helper method getSerializerFor available in most places around code
    • added publicly visible serializer of root object in DAO class
  • 3.0.0:

    • migrated to sbt 1.0.3
    • dropped crossbuild for scala 2.10.x
    • added crossbuild for scala 2.12.x
    • hosting moved from sonatype/maven to bintray, so versions 3.x.x + requires additional resolver to be added
  • 2.0.0:

    • updated salat and ficus and config libraries
    • rewritten base class, now it is MongoDayAnyKey, it is initialized by Config and collecion name, next from this one extends classes MongoDAOObjectIdKey and MongoDAO which specifies key type (MongoDAO as default uses String key)
    • all daos have JodaSupport subclasses which adds joda serializers to context
    • all daos have FromResource subclasses which takes path (in config) and loads this config from resources
    • final list of accessible DAO mutations is:
      • initialized by config object:
        • MongoDAOAnyKey[ObjectType, KeyType](config, collectionName) - basic
        • MongoDAO[ObjectType](config, collectionName) - key type frozen as String
        • MongoDAOObjectIdKey[ObjectType](config, collectionName) - key type frozen as ObjectId
      • initialized by config object with joda support
        • MongoDAOAnyKeyJodaSupport[ObjectType, KeyType](config, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOJodaSupport[ObjectType](config, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOObjectIdKeyJodaSupport[ObjectType](config, collectionName)
      • initialized by path inside resource-config
        • MongoDAOAnyKeyFromResource[ObjectType, KeyType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOFromResource[ObjectType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOObjectIdKeyFromResource[ObjectType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
      • initialized by path inside resource-config with joda suport
        • MongoDAOAnyKeyFromResourceJodaSupport[ObjectType, KeyType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOFromResourceJodaSupport[ObjectType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
        • MongoDAOObjectIdKeyFromResourceJodaSupport[ObjectType](pathInConfig, collectionName)
  • 1.2.10:

    • updated Ficus library
  • 1.2.6:

    • added second dao class: MongoDAOStringKey as class provides dao based con typesafe config object and collection name
    • migration to separate library, name of dependency changes from morgaroth-utils-mongodb to utils-mongodb
  • 1.2.5:

    • no changes
  • 1.2.4:

    • more
    • added SalatDAOConf class (extending SalatDAO) which provides reading database access from application configuration