tzbob / scalatags-hokko   0.4.2

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A Virtual DOM based DOM library for the Hokko FRP implementation.

Scala versions: 2.12
Scala.js versions: 0.6


scalatags-hokko and its dependencies are not yet available on maven central, for now you should manually publish them locally. From here on we assume an installation of SBT, guidelines can be found here:

Compiling scalatags-hokko

scalatags-hokko depends on the hokko FRP library.

Installing hokko:

git clone 
cd hokko
git checkout fb67786b902fd79314e52c4351ea95a1ff4079d7

sbt publish-local
cd ..

Compiling scalatags-hokko:

git clone 
cd scalatags-hokko
git checkout 21525fb001b63243afc2260d5890b4ba899c3310

sbt compile

Running the Example

An example application is available in modules/examples. You can use SBT to prepare the example:

sbt examples/fastOptJS

This compiles the example to a Javascript program. An HTML document to test the program is located in modules/examples/html/resources/index.html:

cd modules/examples/html
$BROWSER index.html