tzbob / hokko   0.6.1


Experimental Push/Pull FRP Implementation

Scala versions: 2.12
Scala.js versions: 0.6


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Hokko is an experimental Scala Push/Pull FRP implementation[1]. It provides Non-Discrete Behaviors, Discrete Behaviors and Events.


core contains the core FRP library. It has the continuous, discrete and incremental behavior implementations as well as the event implementation in shared/src/main/scala/hokko/. Syntactic sugar to make use of the type-class-based implementation can be found in shared/src/main/scala/hokko/syntax/. An experimental helper front-end is available in shared/src/main/scala/hokko/control/.

collection contains the FRP incremental collection abstractions. shared/src/main/scala/hokko/collection/ contains implementations for common collection operations.

jvm/test contains test cases for both core and shared. These can be run with sbt: sbt test and serve as examples of the library.