DART Elasticsearch image build and service implementations.
build and publish


To build the DART Elasticsearch image, run the following command in the project root:

make docker-build

To build the image and publish it, run:

make docker-push

This will pull the latest Elasticsearch distro, so be aware of potential breaking changes with new builds.


In addition to the handful of publicly available libraries it uses, dart-es has dependencies on a number of other Scala libraries. In order to build DART these dependencies must be accessible via the local filesystem (in the SBT cache) or over the network via Sonatype Nexus where they are published. cdr4s requires the following dependencies to be built/installed:

Group ID Artifact ID
com.twosixlabs.dart dart-json_2.12
com.twosixlabs.dart dart-test-base_2.12
com.twosixlabs.dart dart-auth-commons_2.12
com.twosixlabs.cdr4s cdr4s-core_2.12
com.twosixlabs.cdr4s cdr4s-ladle-json_2.12
com.twosixlabs.cdr4s cdr4s-dart-json_2.12


This project is built using SBT. For more information on installation and configuration of SBT please see the documentation

The dart-es sbt projects consists of library modules containing no runnable main classes. The only supported build tasks are compilation, testing, and publication:

sbt clean         # clear out all build artifacts
sbt compile       
sbt test          # run all test suites
sbt publish       # publish all modules to maven
sbt publishLocal  # publish all modules locally

all tasks can be executed relative to a single module by prefixing the task with the module name as defined in build.sbt:

sbt esUtil/compile
sbt tenantIndex/test
sbt searchIndex/publishLocal

Project structure

The DART Elasticsearch image is defined in the es directory

The sbt build is into four subprojects:

  1. es-search-index: interface and Elasticsearch implementation of basic search index read/write service
  2. es-tenant-index: implementation of tenant-index in Elasticsearch
  3. ladle-json: CDR DTOs and serialization/deserialization utilities used by the legacy extraction engine (ladle)
  4. es-util: Utilities related to Elasticsearch (currently contains only a test base)