twosixlabs-dart / cdr4s   3.0.9

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Java/Scala implementation of the CDR data model with JSON adapters

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11

DART Commons

This is a set of common utilities and libraries that are used throughout the DART project.

DART Cdr4s


Module Name Description
cdr4s-core Plain POJO/JavaBean/case class definitions of the CDR document structure
cdr4s-dart-json Jackson adapter for JSON formatted according to the latest CDR document schema
cdr4s-ladle-json Jackson adapter for legacy CDR format
cdr4s-test-base Common test classes and utils used within this project


This software was developed with funding from the following sources.

Agency Program(s) Grant #
DARPA Causal Exploration, World Modelers W911NF-19-C-0080