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Common Scala.js, React.js web UI utilities and components

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12
Scala.js versions: 1.x 0.6

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Scala Commons Client

Common Scala.js, React.js web-client utilities and components.

Showcase/Demo UI

To see the showcase/demo UI with all the components live use the following link:

How to add it to your project

val scommonsApiVer = "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
val scommonsReactVer = "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
val scommonsClientVer = "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
val scommonsServiceVer = "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  // shared
  "org.scommons.api" %%% "scommons-api-core" % scommonsApiVer,
  "org.scommons.api" %%% "scommons-api-joda-time" % scommonsApiVer,

  // client/js only
  "org.scommons.api" %%% "scommons-api-xhr" % scommonsApiVer,
  "org.scommons.client" %%% "scommons-client-ui" % scommonsClientVer,
  "org.scommons.react" %%% "scommons-react-test-dom" % scommonsReactVer % "test",

  // server/jvm only
  "org.scommons.service" %% "scommons-service-play" % scommonsServiceVer,
  "org.scommons.api" %% "scommons-api-play-ws" % scommonsApiVer % "test"

Latest SNAPSHOT version is published to Sonatype Repo, just make sure you added the proper dependency resolver to your build.sbt settings:

resolvers += "Sonatype Snapshots" at ""

How to use it

How to Build

To build and run all the tests use the following command:

sbt clean test

How to Run Showcase/Demo locally

Please, see the in showcase sub-project page.


You can find more documentation here