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Scala.js facade for react, react-dom, react-router, and react-redux

Scala versions: 2.13
Scala.js versions: 1.x


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Develop React applications with Scala.

It is compatible with Scala 2.13+, Scala.js 1.5+ and with React.js v17+.

Optionally include react-router and react-redux facades, too.

Quick Look

import io.github.shogowada.scalajs.reactjs.VirtualDOM._
import io.github.shogowada.scalajs.reactjs.{React, ReactDOM}
import org.scalajs.dom

case class WrappedProps(name: String)

val reactClass = React.createClass[WrappedProps, Unit](
  (self) => <.div(^.id := "hello-world")(s"Hello, ${}!")

val mountNode = dom.document.getElementById("mount-node")
ReactDOM.render(<(reactClass)(^.wrapped := WrappedProps("World"))(), mountNode)

You can also directly render without creating a React class:

import io.github.shogowada.scalajs.reactjs.ReactDOM
import io.github.shogowada.scalajs.reactjs.VirtualDOM._
import org.scalajs.dom

val mountNode = dom.document.getElementById("mount-node")
ReactDOM.render(<.div(^.id := "hello-world")("Hello, World!"), mountNode)

How to Use

  1. Apply scalajs-bundler plugin.
  2. Depend on the libraries.
    libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
      "org.scommons.shogowada" %%% "scalajs-reactjs-core" % [version],          // For react facade
      "org.scommons.shogowada" %%% "scalajs-reactjs-dom" % [version],           // For react-dom facade
      "org.scommons.shogowada" %%% "scalajs-reactjs-router-dom" % [version],    // Optional. For react-router-dom facade
      "org.scommons.shogowada" %%% "scalajs-reactjs-redux" % [version],         // Optional. For react-redux facade
      "org.scommons.shogowada" %%% "scalajs-reactjs-redux-devtools" % [version] // Optional. For redux-devtools facade


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