Intellij Idea Run Configurations for Scala SBT projects

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When SBT loads a project, Intellij Idea Run/Debug configuration files are generated by the plugin and stored in the <PROJECT ROOT>/.run directory. Intellij Idea automatically discovers new Run/Debug configurations as well as new Run/Debug configuration templates defined in the configuration files. They can be run from the Run dialog:

The following Run/Debug configurations and Run/Debug configuration templates are generated by this plugin:

Run/Debug configurations

  • compile (Test/compile)
  • recompile (clean Test/compile)
  • release (release with-defaults)
  • publishLocal
  • tests
  • integrationTests

Run/Debug configuration templates

ScalaTest template with Kamon instrumentation enabled

The template is not generated by default. You can generate the template by adding:

ThisBuild / kamonInstrumentationEnabled := true

to the sbt settings and reloading the sbt.


addSbtPlugin("pl.newicom.ide.intellij" % "intellij-sbt-tasks" % "<current version>")