mdedetrich / sbt-apache-sonatype   0.1.11

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An sbt plugin to help setup artifact and repository settings for projects within the Apache Foundation

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

SBT Sonatype Apache

sbt-sonatype-apache is a project that is designed to set up Scala sbt projects to deploy into Apache's Maven Nexus via the usage of the sbt-sonatype plugin.

The plugin will handle initializing all the relevant sbt settings dealing with artifact generation and repository/credentials to their appropriate values, typically speaking only a couple of settings need to be manually set.

Once this is done you can then publish your projects Maven artifacts into Apache's Nexus by using publish/publishSigned as is idiomatically done in sbt projects.


Since this plugin is an auto plugin that immediately triggers after sbt-sonatype is loaded, the only steps that are strictly necessary is to add it into your project/plugins.sbt, i.e.

addSbtPlugin("org.mdedetrich" % "sbt-apache-sonatype" % "<version>")

And then set the only mandatory key which is apacheSonatypeProjectProfile, see below.

Enabling project to publish to Apache's Maven Nexus Repository

Initially this project has been setup for Apache Projects that use github along with github actions. If you haven't done so already, you need to create an Apache Infra ticket to add the relevant credentials as github secrets into your repository/s, here is an example of such a ticket.

Notable Sbt Plugin Keys

These are keys which either need to be set, have a somewhat likely chance to be overridden or have an expectation of files being in certain locations. Note that if you have a sbt build with multiple projects you will need to use the ThisBuild syntax, i.e. ThisBuild / apacheSonatypeProjectProfile := "myproject" to set the keys globally.

Also for the various settings that point to a file, if you happen to have a multi project sbt build and you want to point to a single file (typically a single file in the root project dir) remember to use LocalRootProject, i.e. if you want to set apacheSonatypeDisclaimerFile to point to a DISCLAIMER file in the root of your build, do ThisBuild / apacheSonatypeDisclaimerFile := Some((LocalRootProject / baseDirectory).value / "DISCLAIMER").

  • apacheSonatypeProjectProfile: This is meant to be the name of your Apache project (for example if your project is named myproject then the Sonatype profile name with be org.apache.myproject). This is the only setting that has to be set otherwise your sbt build will not load correctly.
  • apacheSonatypeLicenseFile: A mandatory setting defaulting to a LICENSE file in your project's base directory to be included in artifacts. If for some reason the LICENSE is not in your projects base directory you need to override this. See
  • apacheSonatypeNoticeFile: A mandatory defaulting to a NOTICE file in your project's base directory to be included in artifacts. If for some reason the NOTICE is not in your projects base directory you need to override this. See
  • apacheSonatypeDisclaimerFile: An optional setting (defaulting to None) that if set is meant to point to a DISCLAIMER file to be included in artifacts. Note that disclaimers are typically only necessary for Incubator Projects or other exceptions, see
  • apacheSonatypeCredentialsProvider: How to resolve the Apache Maven Nexus credentials. Defaults to CredentialProvider.Environment which is typically how it's passed in for GitHub actions however this can be overridden if you want to define how to resolve credentials (see the CredentialsProvider trait).
  • apacheSonatypeCredentialsLogLevel: The log level to be used when logging about potential problems in resolving credentials, defaults to Level.Debug. If you are trying to diagnose issues with resolving credentials then increase the log level to either Level.Warn or Level.Error.
  • apacheSonatypeArtifactNameProcessor: A function which converts the existing sbt name SettingKey into an ASF compliant human-readable format. By default, this replaces all -/_ with spaces, capitalizes the words and adds an Apache prefix to the name if it doesn't exist.

Keys for Github Actions

These are keys specific to Apache projects that use GitHub along with GitHub Actions.

  • apacheSonatypeCredentialsUserEnvVar: The environment variable where the Sonatype user is stored, defaults to NEXUS_USER which is typically the same name as the GitHub secret that gets added by Apache Infrastructure team.
  • apacheSonatypeCredentialsPasswordEnvVar: The environment variable where the Sonatype password is stored, defaults to NEXUS_PW which is typically the same name as the GitHub secret that gets added by Apache Infrastructure team.

Note that since this plugin is resolving the credentials via the use of environment variables, a release manager can also export the same environment variables when doing a main release (which is almost always done on a local machine and not CI)

Utility functions

This project exposes the following utility function which can be helpful in other cases

  • ApacheSonatypePlugin.addFileToMetaInf: This function is used internally (i.e. with keys such as apacheSonatypeLicenseFile) to mark files which will be added to the META-INF folder in created artifacts. You can manually call this function if you want to add other files to META-INF folder in generated artifacts.


Why is this project loaded automatically instead of explicitly via .enablePlugins?

Since this plugin is supposed to be used by Apache project/s, its intended that plugin settings are initialized immediately due to it being actually disallowed for an Apache Project to deploy maven artifacts into a repository outside of Apache's official Nexus repository (see, in other words you should only be deploying to a single repository (the Apache one).

This means that generally speaking aside from apacheSonatypeLicenseFile, apacheSonatypeNoticeFile and apacheSonatypeDisclaimerFile (which are added by this plugin using projectSettings rather than buildSettings/globalSettings) there shouldn't be any reason to have different settings for different sbt subprojects.

Future goals

This project is yet to be tested for an actual release, so it's possible for it to extend other sbt ecosystem plugins such as sbt-pgp, i.e. publishSigned defaults to using bundle deployment and if this happens to not be supported by Apache Maven Nexus repo than sbt-apache-sonatype would configure the relevant sbt-pgp settings to make sure it works.