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A core AST and utilities to manipulate geographical data

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12 2.11
Scala.js versions: 1.x
Scala Native versions: 0.4


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A core AST and utilities for GeoJSON (RFC 7946) and more. Builds for Scala 3, 2.13, and 2.12 on JVM, JS, and Scala Native.

The project is divided in several submodules:

  • core contains the data model for geographical entities;
  • circe contains a set of circe encoders and decoders for GeoJSON data model;
  • jsoniter-scala contains a set of jsoniter-scala codecs for GeoJSON data model;
  • polyline contains utilities to convert GeoJSON line strings to and from polylines.


Add the following dependency in your sbt build configuration (use %%% instead of %% for JS and Native):

"org.gnieh" %% "geo-scala" % "<version from badge above>"

Note that versions up to 0.2.0 were published under com.free2move and JVM-only (2.12 and 2.13), so you need

"con.free2move" %% "geo-scala" % "0.2.0"


Code of Conduct

This project uses the Scala Code of Conduct - see here.


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