amilkov3 / aws4cats   0.4.1


`cats-effect`, `http4s-core` driver for various AWS tools -

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12


cats-effect, http4s-core, fs2 driver for various AWS tools. Wraps the new 2.0 Java AWS SDK

Supported tooling

  • SQS
  • S3 (wip)
  • DynamoDB (wip)


"ml.milkov" %% "aws4cats-sqs" % "0.3.0"

Authenticating against AWS

The clients you instantiate in this library use the logic chain by default to resolve AWS credentials

See here{:target="_blank"} for how to setup credentials

The way I would recommend is to add credentials for a profile that has permissions to perform the actions you will be performing with whichever client you're using in this library. In ~/.aws/credentials add:

output = json
region = <default-region>
aws_access_key_id = <id>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret>
aws_session_token = <token>

and then point to this profile via export AWS_PROFILE=Some-Profile


Running tests

sbt:root> test

Building and previewing the microsite

sbt:docs> makeMicrosite
sbt:docs> previewSite