aaronp / eie   2.0.1


Yet another IO library (in scala). Like better-files, but probably not as good, and using java.nio


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'EIE' is yet another IO project, written in scala. It's inspiration is from utilities in e.g. apache-commons and better-files (both good libraries).

It's mostly useful for pimping java.nio.Path, and providing the ToBytes and FromBytes type-classes, and exposing some other basic DAO operations on a file system.

You can read more about the design and check the documentation here


  import eie.io._

  val file: java.nio.Path = "my/file.txt".asPath.text = "hello world!"

  val contents: String = file.text



You can build/test/etc using the usual suspects:

sbt clean coverage test coverageReport doc