ysthakur / sline   0.0.0-1-7984e6

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A cross-platform library for making interactive CLIs with Scala (JVM/Native)

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13
Scala Native versions: 0.4


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This is a cross-platform library for making interactive CLIs/REPLs in Scala (JVM/Native).

Note that it doesn't do the actual line editing itself: on the JVM, it uses JLine, and in Native, it uses replxx. sline itself doesn't include all the features that JLine and replxx provide, but you can always access the underlying LineReader/Replxx instances to do JLine/replxx stuff directly.

A facade to replxx is provided in the Native version.


There's a demo in the demo folder.

To try it on the JVM:

./mill -i "demo[3.3.0]".jvm.runLocal

To try it using Native:

./mill "demo[3.3.0]".native.nativeLink