yoohaemin / mill-mdoc   0.0.3


Simple MDoc runner for mill

Scala versions: 2.13
Mill plugins: 0.10 0.9

Simple MDoc runner for Mill

This plugin provides a mill module that allows to execute Scala MDoc from within a mill build. Scala MDoc simply compiles properly marked Scala snippets in plain md files and optionally runs them through an interpreter, augmenting the code with the interpreter output.

If the code can't be compiled, mdoc throws an error and the build fails.

Using mdoc, developers can ensure the correctness of their code samples.

The mill plugin is simply a wrapper around the main class, translating common project parameters into arguments for mdocs Main class.

Further, the mill plugin can run the compilation in watch mode, redirecting the md files to a different location. For example, if that location points to an input directory for md files used by a static content generator such as Docusaurus 2 and that generator is started in watch mode as well, the developer can work on the md files and code snippets and immediately observe the results.



A string parameter denoting the Scala MDoc version used. This is currently set to 2.2.24 by default.


An Ivy dependency pointing to Scala MDoc. This is by default derived from scalaMdocVersion as ivy"org.scalameta::mdoc:${scalaMdocVersion()}"


An optional Path parameter pointing to a directory where compiled md files should be saved in watch mode. This is set to None as a default.

Using mdocWatch without setting this parameter won't work.


The sources where the input md files are kept.



Run mill -i __.mdoc or any other mdoc task to compile the Scala code within the source md files and produce new md files in the task's destination directory.


Run mill -i __.mdocWatch to run mdoc in watch mode. This will block the shell the command is run in until the command is interrupted. Normally this is used in combination with a static content generator in watch mode.

Example usage

  //... Other imports if requried 

  // Add simple mdoc support for mill
  import $ivy.`de.wayofquality.blended::de.wayofquality.blended.mill.mdoc::0.0.1-1-fdff74`
  import de.wayofquality.mill.mdoc.MDocModule

  object site extends DocusaurusModule with MDocModule {
    // Set the Scala version (required to invoke the proper compiler)
    override def scalaVersion = T(Deps.scalaVersion)
    // The md inputs live in the "docs" folder of the project 
    override def mdocSources = T.sources{ T.workspace / "docs" }
    override def docusaurusSources = T.sources(
      T.workspace / "website"

    // If we are running docusaurus in watch mode we want to replace compiled 
    // mdoc files on the fly - this will NOT build md files for the site
    // Hence we must use `mdoc` once we finished editing.
    override def watchedMDocsDestination: T[Option[Path]] = T(Some(docusaurusBuild().path / "docs"))

    // This is where docusaurus will find the compiled mdocs to BUILD the site
    override def compiledMdocs: Sources = T.sources(mdoc().path)