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An OSGI container framework in Scala with focus on testing and integration testing.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12
Scala.js versions: 1.x 0.6
sbt plugins: 1.0

Blended - a Scala based Integration framework

Project Mission

Blended provides a Scala based integration framework to easily develop component based applications on top of Akka, AkkaHttp, JMS and other communication libraries.

The Blended runtime components provide a well defined environment for the user defined components and provides common services for component configuration, security services standard integrations to an enterprise level infrastructure, such as messaging services or authentication and authorization servers.

The Blended management framework allows to monitor and manage a large number of distributed framework containers without sacrificing the stability of the environment when the management infrastructure is unavailable.

The Blended test framework allows to execute functional cross-component tests mimicking the final container environment with minimal effort.

The Blended integration test framework uses docker to create and deploy docker images from within the build process and supports the developer in creating integration tests for the final container.

Blended is the backend for a distributed retail communication software. All components and services not directly related to the actual business components are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Currently blended is in it’s 3rd generation and in production since ~2014.

Blended Management UI

A web front end the Blended Management Framework built with Scala.Js.

Blended example container and integration tests

Some packaging examples and simple integration flows complete with packaging and integration tests.

Build from source

We use Mill build tool to build blended.

As we have some shared modules between Scala and Scala.Js, node and yarn is also required on the developer machine.

After cloning the repository, simply navigate to the checkout directory and use the bundled mill script ./mill, which is a copy of lefou/millw.

We currently target Java 8 and Java 11 with Scala 2.13 and Scala.js 1.

Selected build targets / commands

mill command Description

mill __.publishLocal

Build and publish all publishable artifacts into a local ivy2 repository.

mill __.publishM2Local

Build and publish all publishable artifacts into a local Maven2 repository.

mill blended[2.13.2].__.osgiBundle

Build all OSGi bundles for Scala 2.13.2

mill blended[2.13.2].__.testCached

Run all tests for Scala 2.13.2

mill -j 0 -k __.testCached

Run all unit test in parallel and keep mill going even a test failure occured

mill scoverage.htmlReportAll

Generate a HTML Coverage report based on previously ran tests

IDE support

We use IntelliJ in our project. You can generate IntelliJ IDEA project files with mill with the following commandline:

mill mill.scalalib.GenIdea/idea

Download artifacts from Maven Central

You can download released artifacts including binary and source JARs from Maven Central.


Blended ist published under the Apache License, Version 2.0


Why not just clone our repo, dig around and send us some pull requests …​.


JetBrains is kindly supporting our project with full developer licenses of their product stack.


We are keen to know what you think about Blended. What are your use cases, your wishes?

If you spot something that makes you want to pull your hair, let us know ;)