wiringbits / sjs-material-ui-facade   0.2.0

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A scalablytyped facade generated for https://v3.material-ui.com to avoid huge compile times

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13
Scala.js versions: 1.x

scalajs material-ui facade

This is a facade generated scalablytyped, wrapping material-ui v3.

The pre-packaged library prevents the huge build times required to generating such facade.


  1. Make sure to use the same scalajs version where the facade is compiled (check the plugins.sbt for the exact version).
  2. Include the dependency on your build.sbt by adding libraryDependencies += "com.alexitc" %%% "sjs-material-ui-facade" % "0.1.2"
  3. Exclude material-ui from scalablytyped to avoid the huge build times: stIgnore ++= List("@material-ui/core", "@material-ui/styles", "@material-ui/icons")
  4. Check the usage on this project for specific details.