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Lightweight utility library for working with Twitter's finagle-mysql

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

Finagle mysql-util

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libraryDependencies += "com.whisk" % "mysql-util-core_2.12" % "0.4.0"

First you need to import:

import com.whisk.finagle.mysql._


There are two helper methods around Client, which in our expereience very common and can remove some boilerplate:

def prepareAndExecute(sql: String, params: Parameter*): Future[Result] = {
    client.prepare(sql).apply(params: _*)

def prepareAndQuery[T](sql: String, params: Parameter*)(mapper: Row => T): Future[Seq[T]] = {
    client.prepare(sql).select[T](params: _*)(mapper)


client.prepareAndExecute("insert into recipes(id, name) values (?, ?)", recipe.id, recipe.name) //returns Future[Result]

client.prepareAndQuery("select name from recipes where id = ?", recipe.id)(row =>
      row.get[String]("name")) // returns Future[Seq[T]]

Row extraction helpers

There are number of helper methods on rows to extract values:

  def getOption[T](name: String)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): Option[T]
  def getOption[T](index: Int)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): Option[T]
  def get[T](name: String)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): T
  def get[T](index: Int)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): T
  def getOrElse[T](name: String, default: => T)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): T
  def getOrElse[T](index: Int, default: => T)(implicit decoder: ValueDecoder[T]): T

Value decoders provided for all primitive types, which underlying driver supports

so you can write


You can also implement your own decoders based on primitive one.

For example if you store arrays as comma-separated string in Mysql then you can do:

implicit val stringArrayDecoder: ValueDecoder[Array[String]] =

  .prepareAndQuery("select tags from recipes where id = ?", id)(row =>

support for MySQL JSON Datatype

In core module there is a support for extracting json datatype into raw string.

It is wrapped into:

case class RawJsonString(value: String)

ValueDecoder is provided for it



Finagle Mysql driver out of the box doesn't allow to pass scala.Option as parameters. This library does


libraryDependencies += "com.whisk" % "mysql-util-testing_2.12" % "0.1.2"

There is a library which you can include for integration testing purposes against real MySQL instance in Docker container.

Library boostrapping Docker container, can optionally preload sql and configures instance of Client.


import com.twitter.finagle.mysql.Client
import com.whisk.finagle.mysql.testing.MysqlTestkit
import org.scalatest.Suite

trait MysqlTestBase extends MysqlTestkit { self: Suite =>

  override val mysqlInitSchemaPaths = Seq("/schema/tables.ddl")

  protected lazy val client: Client = mysqlClient.get()

JSON (Circe)

libraryDependencies += "com.whisk" % "mysql-util-circe_2.12" % "0.1.2"

support comes with row extraction helpers. you can use all regular methods from core module for extracting io.circe.Json and io.circe.JsonObject

import com.whisk.finagle.mysql._
import com.whisk.finagle.mysql.circe._
import io.circe._


you can also extract you own types if there is io.circe.Decoder[T] implicit in scope:

implicit val metadataCirceDecoder: Decoder[RecipeMetadata] =
    Decoder.forProduct2("cuisine", "mealType")(RecipeMetadata.apply)

row.json[RecipeMetadata]("data") mustBe expectedValue

all methods:

def jsonOption[T](name: String)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): Option[T]
def jsonOption[T](index: Int)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): Option[T]
def json[T](name: String)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): T
def json[T](index: Int)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): T
def jsonOrElse[T](name: String, default: => T)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): T
def jsonOrElse[T](index: Int, default: => T)(implicit decoder: Decoder[T]): T