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What's Hydra?

Hydra is an Akka Cluster based system which provides high available container service for apps.

Why is Hydra?

Hydra uses gossip protocol to detect the node failure and will redeploy the apps on the node to another node. The failure detection by gossip protocol is very efficient. For more information see the links:

Cluster Specification

Cluster Usage

Within Hydra, you don't need to know anything about Akka Cluster and get the high available container framework.

How Hydra detects node failure?

Hydra is based on Akka Cluster, Hydra will use Akka node to hold containers of apps. If the node failed, the Akka gossip protocol will quickly detect the failure and report to Hydra to do further work.

About the repository

The repository is copyed from https://bitbucket.org/whereby/hydra which is developing repository on bitbucket.

User defined Classes

There are two classes user need to rewrite to meet their needs:

  1. Container
  2. Scheduler
  3. External Actor Load

About release:




Download from sonatype:

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