Maven Central Codacy Badge Scala InfluxDB driver

This is our own implementation that depends on play-ws and play-json. Not to be confused with the abandoned offical influxdb-scala driver.


Add this to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  // other dependencies here
  "io.waylay.influxdb" %% "influxdb-scala" % "4.0.0"

Some example usage code is available in the tests

snapshots are available at:


sbt-release is used for releases. Use sbt release.

After release is finished the uploaded artifacts are not available automatically on OSS Sonatype main repositories. They are published to the staging repositories. Follow guidelines provided by Sonatype at Releasing page to make the artifacts available publicly.


Published here on Github Pages with sbt-site and sbt-ghpages. Automatically published as part of release process.

Manually publishing the ScalaDocs can be done with the following command:

$ sbt ghpagesPushSite