ghyll is a streaming JSON decoder library for Scala

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ghyll is a streaming JSON decoder library for Scala


In some cases datasets are not nicely organised into an array that's easy to parse in a streaming fashion with existing libraries (e.g. circe-fs2). When the dataset is represented as a huge map/object/hash where keys are e.g. identifiers it's not feasible to read the whole JSON into the memory and/or build a full AST representing the data. Another scenario when this approach can get problematic (or resource intensive) when only a small subset/subtree of a JSON object needs to be decoded.

ghyll provides a way to parse and decode:

  • large JSON objects as key-value pairs, where there are many keys and the payload under each key is smaller
  • large JSON arrays
  • large JSON objects that only partially need to be decoded

Note: ghyll currently doesn't support encoding data as JSON

How it works

Under the hood ghyll is using gson for parsing the JSON payload, then it's using its own Decoder implementation to turn the JSON tokens emitted by gson into Scala data structures.


ghyll is under active development and it's in an early stage when its functionality is limited and the API can change substantially.