Configuration for GraalVM native-image to build Akka projects

GraalVM native-image configuration for Akka

GraalVM allows JVM libraries to include configuration for native-image in their JAR artifacts. See this blog post for more details.

Akka does not do that (yet) so this repo publishes artifacts that can be used for building Akka projects with native-image without supplying the whole configuration in the project itself.


This artifact provides reflection configuration for akka-actor (based on previous work by jrudolph) module and also substitutions to make Akka's default scheduler and Scala 2.13's Statics.releaseFence work with native-image.

"com.github.vmencik" %% "graal-akka-actor" % graalAkkaVersion


This artifact provides reflection configuration for akka-stream module.

"com.github.vmencik" %% "graal-akka-stream" % graalAkkaVersion


This artifact provides reflection configuration for akka-http and also enables support for http and https protocols.

"com.github.vmencik" %% "graal-akka-http" % graalAkkaVersion


This artifact provides reflection configuration for akka-slf4j module.

"com.github.vmencik" %% "graal-akka-slf4j" % graalAkkaVersion


To use Akka Remote with Graal:

  • configure the Artery TCP implementation
  • exclude Netty and Aeron from your dependency tree
  • pass the --allow-incomplete-classpath parameter to native-image


Note that the configuration provided by these artifacts is not everything you will need to build your Akka project with native-image.

See the akka-graal-native repository for an example of Akka HTTP service compiled into native binary. There you can see the rest of the configuration for native-image and also configuration for Akka itself that makes things easier.


Current version of the artifacts was tested with:

  • akka-actor 2.5.25
  • akka-http 10.1.8
  • GraalVM 19.1.1
  • Scala 2.12.8 and 2.13.0

The reflection configuration and the substitutions are tightly coupled with Akka internals and will likely need to be updated for future versions.

The artifacts are cross-published for Scala 2.13 and Scala 2.12.