valskalla / skadi   0.6.0

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Functional Distributed Tracing

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

- The goddess of bowhunting & skiing that traces her prey through the mountains

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Skadi is an abstraction over distributed tracing that provides a unified functional API for various tracers with reasoning & usability in mind.

  • Compatible with any OpenTracing client library
  • Support of span tags & logs
  • Each effect is suspended within the polymorphic F[_]
  • Spans preserved within the context of F[_] don't pollute business API

Library heavily relies on cats-effect type classes, and works with any effect that could carry the context, such as Kleisli, StateT, RWST, monix.Task with TaskLocal, ZIO with FiberRef.


The library is being battle-tested. Once the results are known, documentation will be complete.