uqbar-project / sbt-uqbar-project   0.0.1


SBT plugin containing common definitions and release workflow for Uqbar's sbt projects

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

SBT: Uqbar Project

This SBT plugin containing common definitions and release workflow for Uqbar's sbt projects.


  • SBT 0.12.10+ (previous versions of sbt have issues converting from sbt.url to java.net.URL type)


To include this plugin in your SBT build, just add the following line to your project/plugins.sbt file, or your global SBT configuration:

addSbtPlugin("org.uqbar" % "sbt-uqbar-project" % "latest.integration")


This plugin provides the general settings for any standard SBT based Uqbar project. These settings include:

  • General organization info (such as name, urls and emails).
  • Licenses.
  • SCM info (reflectively obtained from git).
  • Default scalac arguments and directory setup.
  • Common dependencies.
  • Automatically generated semantic versioning (based on git describe).
  • Standard release process.
  • Automatic changelog generation (based on git commits).


In order to keep projects as lightweight as possible, only plugins meant to be used in all projects (such as sbt-git, sbt-release and sbt-sonatype) are included. Only scalatest is included as library dependency.


This plugin enables sbt-git's versioning. Instead of setting a value for the version key, projects will get automatically versioned based on git describe. Release versions will be named after tag they are based on, while snapshot versions will append the number of commits and last commit identifier to the name of the latest release. We encourage the use of default format along with semantic versioning for tag names, but this can be configured as explained on sbt-release homepage.


Projects including this plugin will be able to automatically generate a changelog by parsing the comments on git commits since last version was released. Changelog will include any commit comment line that matches the changelogPattern setting which, by default, will select any line starting with a "!" character.

This changelog can be obtained by calling the changelog task and is automatically included on tag comments during release.


This plugin provides a default setup for sbt-release, defining a release process that will pull the latest branch head, run the tests, generate and push a new tag and publish the generated artifacts.

You can perform a release by running the release command.


The release process will automatically deploy the generated artifacts to Uqbar's Sonatype repository, as long as your PGP credentials and pgpPassphrase keys are properly set.


Yes, please! Pull requests are always welcome, just try to keep it small and clean.


This code is open source software licensed under the LGPL v3 License by The Uqbar Foundation. Feel free to use it accordingly.