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Java/Scala API for integration with payment systems (Qiwi, WM, P24, AdvCash)

Scala versions: 2.12

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Payment Systems API Collection


Multi-module sbt project with API for integration with banks/money systems (Qiwi, WM, P24). Table below contains some more details about current implementation status.

PS: project structure & code smell in some places. It happens because of luck of time. Sorry for that :3



Requires Java 1.8 and sbt 1.2.8

sbt clean compile

Usage in pom.xml

    <!-- QIWI API -->
    <!-- WebMoney API -->
    <!-- Privat24 API -->
    <!-- AdvCash API -->

Usage in java code

P24API p24Api = P24API.getInstance(merchId, merchPass));
QiwiAPI qiwiApi = QiwiAPI.getInstance(qiwiApiToken);
// Requires KWM backup key(!)
WebMoneyAPI webMoneyApi = WebMoneyAPI.getInstance("wimd", "kwm_pass", kwmBytesArr);   
AdvCashAPI advCashAPI = AdvCashAPI.getInstance(api_name, api_password, api_email)     

API details

Payment system Action/Tool URL Class Check on live data
Privat24 Retrieve card history P24 API docs p24.P24API#retrieveTransferHistory Yes
Privat24 Retrieve card balance P24 API docs p24.P24API#retrieveCardBalance Yes
Qiwi Retrieve payments QIWI API docs qiwi.QiwiAPI#retrieveTransferHistory Partially
Qiwi Retrieve account balance QIWI API docs qiwi.QiwiAPI#retrieveAccountBalance Yes
WebMoney Retrieve payments, interface X3 WM API docs wm.WebMoneyAPI#runX3Command Partially
WebMoney Wallets balance, interface X9 WM API docs wm.WebMoneyAPI#runX9Command Partially
WebMoney WM Signer WM Signer docs wm.signer.WMSigner Yes
AdvCash Retrieve cards balance AdsCash API v1.9 advcash.AdvCashAPI#retrieveBalancePerWallets Yes
AdvCash Retrieve transactions AdsCash API v1.9 advcash.AdvCashAPI#retrieveTransactionsHistory Partially