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This is a JVM wrapper around the Node Package Manager (NPM). The NPM that is run is the real NPM. The JS Engine project is used to execute NPM using Node itself.

A WebJar is used to download the NPM source files.

Some sample usage from Scala:

    val engine = system.actorOf(Node.props(), "engine")
    val to = new File(new File("target"), "webjars")
    val npm = new Npm(engine, NpmLoader.load(to, Main.getClass.getClassLoader))
    for (
      result <- npm.update()  // Perform an "npm update"
    ) {
      println(s"output\n======\n${new String(result.output.toArray, "UTF-8")}\n")
      println(s"error\n=====\n${new String(result.error.toArray, "UTF-8")}\n")