twosixlabs-dart / dedup   1.0.3

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JVM library with multiple implementations of document deduplication

Scala versions: 2.12


This is an embeddable Java/Scala library for deduplicating text documents. The aim is to provide an assortment of deduplication algorithms unified by a single easy-to-use interface.

Additionally, this library is designed for being used in distributed systems. It assumes that multiple highly-concurrent processes will need access to the global state of deduplication information. Therefore, it provides mechanisms for persisting the deduplication state in a variety of different ways to make integration with distributed systems easier.


  1. Locality sensitive hashing (LSH) implementation
  2. Redis support
  3. Dockerized REST API


The algorithms implemented in this library are not novel, they are adapted or built on top of other people's hard work and it is therefore important to credit them.

Shingleprint Deduplication

This is a Scala adaption of the algorithm originally proposed by Dustin Boswell in his post Real-Time Document DeDuplication.

The original Python implementation can be found on GitHub.


This library uses ChronicleMap for one of the implementations of the persistent deduplication state. While ChronicleMap is a powerful library and an excellent tool, the developers seem to think that it is okay to send telemetry to Google Analytics without explicit consent. Therefore, it is highly recommended that in your applications you make sure to set the system property chronicle.announcer.disable to true.

It should not be a "paid" feature to turn off spying.