tresata / akka-http-spnego   0.5.0


Kerberos based authentication for akka-http using SPNEGO

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

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akka-http-spnego provides Kerberos based authentication for akka-http using SPNEGO. SPNEGO is a way to do GSSAPI authentication between clients and servers using the HTTP authentication header.

The included test-server project is both an example of how to use this project and a way to quickly test it within your Kerberos environment. It provides a secure ping-pong service (you do a GET to endpoint /ping and it responds with pong for the authenticated user). To run it first make sure:

  • Kerberos is properly installed and configured on both server and client
  • DNS is properly configured for the server (it's hostname resolves correctly to its ip-address and the other way around).

Next do the following:

  • Create a keytab for HTTP/yourserver@YOURDOMAIN on the server
  • Edit test-server/src/main/resources/application.conf to set tresata.akka.http.spnego.kerberos.principal and tresata.akka.http.spnego.kerberos.keytab
  • Launch the test server with: ./launch-test-server
  • On the client make sure you are logged into Kerberos (with kinit)
  • On the client create a test connection with: curl -k --negotiate -u : -b ~/cookiejar.txt -c ~/cookiejar.txt https://yourserver:12345/ping

Have fun! Team @ Tresata