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A lean, functional library for Google Cloud Services in Scala

Scala versions: 2.12


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This project aims to provide safe, composable and easy to use clients for Google Cloud Platform Services written in functional style Scala.

Currently supported clients are

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud PubSub
  • Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)

The client implementations are using Google's Java clients underneath however, the Java code is mostly generated so it's not really fun to use it.

  • Omniversal nested builder pattern
  • No or limited concurrency
  • Uncomposable patterns

The clients are structured and released as separate modules. Add the latest version to your project

Latest Stable

libraryDependencies += "co.upvest.google4s" %% "google4s-..."  % "..."

Latest Snapshot

libraryDependencies += "co.upvest.google4s" %% "google4s-..."  % "0..-SNAPSHOT"


Please refer to the documentation page:


Coming soon... PR's are welcome and highly appreciated!


  • We try to implement the configs as lean as possible. As the result some advanced configuration could be missing. If you encounter this problem please create an issue or a PR we are happy to add what is missing.

  • Please refer to the specific documentation page:


By questions, comments or suggestions feel free to get in touch by creating an PR, issue or telepathically.

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Copyright 2019 Ivan Morozov, Gustav Behm, Tokn GmbH (

google4s is provided to you as free software under the MIT license. The MIT software license is attached in the COPYING file.