tkroman / micromarshal   0.0.8

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Autoderivation of Akka HTTP marshallers/unmarshallers with uPickle

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


Join the chat at Autoderivation of Akka-HTTP marshallers/unmarshallers with uPickle in < 200 LOC.



Very much beta. Cross-build for scala 2.11/2.12.

"com.tkroman" %% "micromarshal" % "0.0.8"

In order to expand macro annotations client projects should also have these options enabled:

lazy val expandMacroAnnotations: Seq[Def.Setting[_]] = Seq(
    ("org.scalameta" % "paradise" % "3.0.0-M7").cross(CrossVersion.full)

  libraryDependencies +=
    "org.scalameta" %% "scalameta" % "1.6.0" % Provided,

  scalacOptions += "-Xplugin-require:macroparadise",

  // macroparadise plugin doesn't work in repl yet.
  scalacOptions in (Compile, console) := Seq(),

  // macroparadise doesn't work with scaladoc yet.
  sources in (Compile, doc) := Nil


Full example in tests

In short: just slap @com.tkroman.micromarshal.deriveAkkaMarshalling on your case class or sealed trait to get an automatic upickle-powered JSON encoding/decoding support + Akka HTTP (un)marshallers.

import com.tkroman.micromarshal.deriveAkkaMarshalling

case class Foo(str: String)

so later in your Akka-HTTP router you can do this:

get {
  path("foo") {


Micromarshal does not rely on generation of fresh names and does not employ typechecking of any kind to ensure that companion objects of classes already contain implicit ReadWriter definitions.

Instead, there is a simple convention: if the companion object contains a definition of type upickle.default.ReadWriter[A] (or custom.pickler.ReadWriter[A]), no ReadWriter implicit is generated. This might come in handy when a need arises to manually define and instance for a sealed hierarchy.

Custom (un)picklers

Consistently with uPickle, deriveAkkaMarshalling accepts a custom pickler. For example:

package a.b.c

object CustomPickler extends upickle.AttributeTagged {
  // custom pickling here

case class Foo(x: Int)


  • Abstraction over JSON library (would like to support circe)