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couldbe is a Scala library for specifying optional Given instances (previously known as implicits).

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13

couldbe: optional Givens for Scala

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couldbe is a small library, for the Scala programming language, allowing you to refer to optional given instances (known as implicits in Scala 2).

Because given instances are resolved at compile time, they are either available or they are not. If your code requires a given instance, you add it to the function signature; if it doesn't, then you don't.

But what if your code could use a given instance, but doesn't require one? Maybe you are writing an algorithm which could be simplified with evidence of a Monad, but doesn't actually require it? Or maybe you can provide a sensible default if the given value is not defined?

That's where couldbe can help you out.

Quick example

(more examples later in the document)

// Function to return a Given string, if it is defined; or a default value otherwise.
def simpleGivenParameter(using message: CouldBeGiven[String]) =
  message match
    case IsGiven(actual) => actual
    case IsNotGiven      => "This is a default string"

// ---
// With no given String, the function returns the default value.
simpleGivenParameter == "This is a default string"

// ---
// With a given String, that is the value returned.
given String = "This string is given"
simpleGivenParameter == "This string is given"

Please note: it's not usually good practice to pass around something as generic as a String type in a given instance. This is a simple example to demonstrate the functionality.

Getting started

To include couldbe in your project, add the appropriate dependencies to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "eu.throup" %% "couldbe" % "<version>"

The available packages are:

  • couldbe: umbrella meta package to pull in core and cats
  • couldbe-core: minimal implementation to allow basic functionality
  • couldbe-cats: extra definitions and functionality for those using the Cats library
  • couldbe-testsupport: extra definitions and functionality to support writing tests

Other examples

def yourFunction[A: CouldBeGiven, B: CouldHave[PartialOrder], F[_]: CouldBe[Monad]] =
  // Maybe there was a Given A... maybe there wasn't
  CouldBeGiven[A].act {
    // If there is one, do something with it.
    (a: A) => doSomethingWith(a)
  } {
    // Otherwise perform some fallback behaviour.
    () => doSomethingElseWithout()
  // Maybe F is a Monad... maybe it isn't
  CouldBe[Monad, F].act {
    // If it is, do something monadic
    (monad: Monad[F]) => doSomethingMonadic(monad)
  } {
    // Otherwise perform some fallback behaviour.
    () => doSomethingUnmonadic()



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details