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sbt-example is an sbt plug-in for creating unit tests from examples in Scaladoc.

The previous version of this project is the macro annotation @example, which is deprecated and does not support Scala 2.12.5+ version.


  • AsynchronousPool - an asynchronous resource pool, whose Scaladoc contains tests written in ScalaTest and ScalaMock
  • Factory - a dependent-type type class for dependency injection, whose Scaladoc contains a huge number of small usecases.
  • PartialApply - a dependent-type type class for partial applying a function, whose Scaladoc is written in Given-When-Then style.
  • NullSafe - a library to provide Kotlin / Groovy flavored null-safe ? operator in Scala.
  • scalajs-all-in-one-template - a project template for Scala.js static web projects, whose Scaladoc contains examples executed in jsdom.

(Feel free to add your Scaladoc here)


  • Documentation of sbt-example - sbt-example eats its own dog food. The tests of sbt-example are generated by sbt-example itself from Scaladoc, which can be also considered as the documentation for using sbt-example.


  • Sbt 1.x