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Experimental tool to find unused/redundant CSS rules

Scala versions: 2.11


EXPERIMENTAL tool to find unused/redundant CSS rules.


Having a live styleguide offers great benefits to any dynamic website. But sometimes it can be hard to know if your styleguide is truly comprehensive. Does it actually exercise every bit of styling specified in your local CSS files? Or from the opposite perspective, do you have CSS rules that are no longer needed?

See also - CSS Purge which has provided inspiration for lots of these warnings/violations.


  • Tell witchhunt where to find your site's styleguide
  • witchhunt will find site-local CSS files referenced from this
  • The styleguide page and any site-local pages linked from it will then be checked against all the site-local CSS rules
    • Any local rules that are not matched will be reported
    • Any local rules that are redundant will be reported

Building the executable

Preconditions: you have a working SBT stack (i.e. Java and SBT installed)

% sbt stage

Running the executable

On UNIX-like systems:

% ./target/universal/stage/bin/witchhunt [options] <target-url>

On Windows systems:

% ./target/universal/stage/bin/witchhunt.bat [options] <target-url>


Invoke witchhunt with no arguments to get the up-to-date list.

Still To-Do


PH-CSS: Parsing CSS stylesheets

Scoup (and hence JSoup): Selecting elements in HTML files