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Structured Logging, Tracing, and Observability with Logback

Scala versions: 2.12

Maven Central License CC0

Terse Logback

Terse Logback is a collection of Logback extensions that shows how to use Logback effectively.

Other logging projects you may be interested in:

  • Blacklite, an SQLite appender with memory-mapping and zstandard dictionary compression that clocks around 800K statements per second.
  • Blindsight, a Scala logging API that extends SLF4J.
  • Echopraxia, a Java and Scala logging API built around structured logging.


Documentation is available at https://tersesystems.github.io/terse-logback.


There is a showcase project at https://github.com/tersesystems/terse-logback-showcase.


  • Audio: Play audio when you log by attaching markers to your logging statements.
  • Budgeting / Rate Limiting: Limit the amount of debugging or tracing statements in a time period.
  • Censors: Censor sensitive information in logging statements.
  • Composite: Presents a single appender that composes several appenders.
  • Compression: Write to a compressed zstandard file.
  • Correlation Id: Adds markers and filters for correlation id.
  • Exception Mapping: Show the important details of an exception, including the root cause in a summary format.
  • Instrumentation: Decorates any (including JVM) class with enter and exit logging statements at runtime.
  • JDBC: Use Postgres JSON to write structured logging to a single table.
  • JUL to SLF4J Bridge: Configure java.util.logging to write to SLF4J with no manual coding.
  • Relative Nanos: Composes a logging event to contain relative nanoseconds based off System.nanoTime.
  • Select Appender: Appender that selects an appender from a list based on key.
  • Tracing: Sends logging events and traces to Honeycomb Event API.
  • Typesafe Config: Configure Logback properties using HOCON.
  • Turbo Markers: Turbo Filters that depend on arbitrary deciders that can log at debug level for sessions.
  • Unique ID Appender: Composes logging event to contain a unique id across multiple appenders.