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Lagom client for Elasticsearch

This is Lagom Service Descriptor for Elasticsearch.

Lagom Elasticsearch Client has next services:

Note: We try not to change the API, but before the release of stable version 1.0.0 API may be changed.

Versions compatibility

Lagom Elasticsearch Client Lagom Scala Elastic
1.+ 1.4.+

How to use

Calling the services

Some service methods has class ByteString in their signature. For example method getSource in ElasticDocument service return ServiceCall<NotUsed, ByteString>.
For calling this method need to use static helper function ServiceCall#invoke.

Use next code:

import static org.taymyr.lagom.elasticsearch.ServiceCall.invoke;
invoke(elasticDocument.getSource("test", "sample", "1"), TestDocument.class)

instead of

elasticDocument.getSource("test", "sample", "1").invoke()

Adding the dependency

All released artifacts are available in the Maven central repository. Just add a lagom-elasticsearch-client to your service dependencies:

  • SBT
libraryDependencies += "org.taymyr.lagom" %% "lagom-elasticsearch-client-java" % "X.Y.Z"
  • Maven

All snapshot artifacts are available in the Sonatype snapshots repository. This repository must be added in your build system.

  • SBT
resolvers in ThisBuild += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")
  • Maven


Contributions are very welcome.


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