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JSON based inter-process-communication (IPC) with circe on Android

Scala versions: 2.11


Scala on Android Parcelable with circe

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As of version 4.0.0, Soap is no more than a simple wrapper around circe (a Scala JSON library). It allows to easily read/write from/to Bundle, Intent and SharedPreference as long as the appropriate circe codecs are in scope.

In previous versions of Soap, the library provided its own codec generation framework. As I spent more and more time working with circe, I realised how superior its codec derivation is and that I will not be able to provide and maintain anything nearly as good. I therefore decided to migrate Soap to circe. It might not be the fastest or memory optimized way of solving inter-process-communication (IPC), but it does provide the greatest development experience.

You can only use Soap to read data, if it has also been written with Soap. Reading form external Bundles (e.g. from a Notification) does not work, because the format differs.


libraryDependencies += "io.taig.android" %% "soap" % "4.1.0"


import io.taig.android.soap.implicits._

import io.taig.android.soap.Bundle

val bundle = Bundle( 2 )
    .write( "foo", 42 )
    .write( "bar", "foobar" )

bunlde.read[Int]( "foo" )           // Some( 42 )
bunlde.read[String]( "bar" )        // Some( "foobar" )
bunlde.read[Int]( "bar" )           // None
bunlde.read[String]( "foobar" )     // None

import android.content.Intent

val intent = new Intent()
    .write( "foo", 42 )
    .write( "bar", "foobar" )

intent.read[Int]( "foo" )           // Some( 42 )

import android.preference.PreferenceManager

val preferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences( ??? )
    .write( "foo", 42 )
    .write( "bar", "foobar" )

preferences.read[Int]( "foo" )      // Some( 42 )

See the circe documentation to find out more about codec generation.