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Useful utils for Akka Actors


Actor which will pass message to child actor defined for route. If no actors found, it may create a new one.


Broadcast message to all child actors


Actor which run a job at a certain interval


Converts duration to string

import com.github.t3hnar.akkax.DurationToString

DurationToString(Duration(60, TimeUnit.SECONDS)) == "1 minute"
DurationToString(Duration(60, TimeUnit.MINUTES)) == "1 hour"
DurationToString(Duration(180, TimeUnit.MINUTES)) == "3 hours"


Mix this trait to enable on restart notification for actor.

import com.github.t3hnar.akkax.{NotifyParentOnRestart, Restarted}

class ChildActor extends Actor with NotifyParentOnRestart {
    def receive = { case _ => }

class ParentActor extends Actor {
    val child = context.actorOf(Props(new ChildActor))

    def receive = {
        case Restarted(`child`) => // your code for handling restart


Trait IgnoreIfBusy will allow your actor to ignore all messages while it busy with running heavy call

import com.github.t3hnar.akkax.IgnoreIfBusy

class IgnoreIfBusyExample extends Actor with ActorLogging with IgnoreIfBusy {
  def receive = receiveRun

  def run(data: Option[Any]) {
    // heavy call


  • Maven:
  • Sbt
    libraryDependencies += "com.github.t3hnar" %% "akkax" % "2.3"