suprafii / sbt-google-artifact-registry   1.0.0

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An SBT dependency resolver and publisher for Google Artifact Registry Maven repositories

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

Google Artifact Registry SBT plugin

An SBT dependency resolver and publisher for Google Artifact Registry Maven repositories.

It is implemented as a wrapper around Artifact Registry Maven Tools.


Add the following to plugins.sbt in your project:

addSbtPlugin("ch.firsts" % "sbt-google-artifact-registry" % "1.0.0")

To use this plugin as a resolver, add the following to build.sbt:

resolvers += ArtifactRegistryResolver.forRepository("https://<REGION><PROJECT>/<REPOSITORY>")

To use the plugin to publish artifacts:

publishTo := Some(ArtifactRegistryResolver.forRepository("https://<REGION><PROJECT>/<REPOSITORY>"))


  • The specified Maven repository should already exist in the Google Artifact Registry.
  • For development on local computer the user has to be logged-in into the gcloud command line tool with credentials which have IAM permissions to read or write the Maven repository.


  • Coursier is not supported. When using recent SBT versions where Coursier artifact resolution is enabled by default, it has to be disabled by adding useCoursier := false to build.sbt, since Coursier partially uses it's own code to resolve artifacts, which does not fully depend on the resolvers to download the artifacts.
  • Publishing multiple SNAPSHOTS of the same version is not supported. The plugin uses Ivy IBiblioResolver as the base implementation, which hardcodes maven metadata locations in a way that is not compatible with the SBT.