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Spark library for easy MongoDB access

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10


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Spark-Mongodb is a library that allows the user to read/write data with Spark SQL from/into MongoDB collections.

If you are using this Data Source, feel free to briefly share your experience by Pull Request this file.


This library requires Apache Spark, Scala 2.10 or Scala 2.11, Casbah 2.8.X

Latest compatible versions####

spark-MongoDB Apache Spark MongoDB
0.12.x 2.0.0 3.0.x
0.10.x - 0.11.x 1.5.x 3.0.x
0.8.2 - 0.9.2 1.4.0 3.0.x
0.8.1 1.3.0 3.0.x
0.8.0 1.2.1 3.0.x

How to use Spark-MongoDB##

There also exists a [First Steps] ( document where we show some simple examples.


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