Bandiera Client (Scala)

This is a client for talking to the Bandiera feature flagging service from a Scala application. This client currently only implements the read methods of the v2 Bandiera API.

MIT licensed


supported scala versions: 2.11.x, 2.12.x, 2.13.x

in build.sbt add the dependency:

"com.springernature" %% "bandiera-client-scala" % "0.3.1"


Create an instance of the bandiera client:

import com.springernature.bandieraclientscala._

val client = new BandieraClient()


you can initialize BandieraClient with:

notice: BandieraClient expects to have an ExecutionContext implicitly available in scope.

  • either import
  • or provide an ExecutionContext in second constructor params group: new BandieraClient(...)(ec = yourExecutor)


If you would like to contribute please make sure that the tests pass and that the code lints successfully.


Copyright © 2020 Springer Nature. Scala Bandiera client is licensed under the MIT License.