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Collection of rules for scalafix developed in our Spacetime -- 1. Lint case of variables (camelCase, UPPER_CASE, ...)

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

Scalafix rules

Developed during Spacetime at Spaceteams

Allow Variable Cases

This rule checks, if variables are named in one of the cases that you have defined in the config.

AllowVariableCases.allowedCases can be defined as an array containing:

  • camelCase
  • snake_case
  • PascalCase
  • UPPERCASE (also allows underscores like UPPER_CASE)

Default is [camelCase].

You can define multiple cases, that are allowed. For example [camelCase, PascalCase].

lowercase is also recognized, but is allowed with camelCase or snake_case.


Configure the rule by setting AllowVariableCases.allowedCases = [...] in your .scalafix.conf. For example: AllowVariableCases.allowedCases = ["snake_case"]

Maven Central

You can execute scalafix dependency:[email protected]:scalafix-rules:1.0.0 in the sbt shell.

To install the rule for your build update the scalafixDependencies in your build.sbt for example like this

ThisBuild / scalafixDependencies +=
  "de.spaceteams" %% "scalafix-rules" % "1.0.0"

and execute scalafix AllowVariableCases in the sbt shell.


You can use this rule directly from GitHub by executing scalafix github:spaceteams/scalafix-rules/AllowVariableCases in the sbt shell.