softwaretechnik-berlin / graphviz-scala   0.0.7


Scala Case Classes to Represent Graphviz Files

Scala versions: 2.13

Scala Library to Produce Graphviz dot-Files

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This library provides a (somewhat) type safe interface into the Graphviz DOT language. It provides a case class representation of the core elements and their attribute.

It isn't a full representation of all legal graphviz files. It doesn't support the assignment of attribute values at arbitrary positions in the code.

Here is an example (full source):

val dotString = Graph(
  attributes = GraphAttributes(fontname = "Helvetica", fontsize = 16),
  nodeDefaults = NodeAttributes(fontname = "Helvetica", fontsize = 16),
  edgeDefaults = EdgeAttributes(fontname = "Helvetica", fontsize = 16),
  elements = Seq(
    Node("A", NodeAttributes(
      shape = none,
      label = Table(
        TableAttributes(color = Color("gray"), border = 0, cellSpacing = 0, cellBorder = 1, cellPadding = 3),
          Seq(Cell(TextList(Seq(Plain("Good "), StyleTag("I", Plain("bye!")))))),
          Seq(Cell(TableCellAttributes(align = Align.Left), StyleTag("B", StyleTag("U", Plain("Hello!"))))),
          Seq(Cell(TableCellAttributes(align = Align.Left), b(u("Hello!"),"No underline."))),
          Seq(Cell(TableCellAttributes(align = Align.Left), textAttr(bold = true, color = Color("#00D000"))("Does this work?"))),
    SubGraph(attributes = SubgraphAttributes(rank = same), elements = Seq(
      Node("B", NodeAttributes(shape = box, label = new Plain("Two\nLines"))),
      Node("D", NodeAttributes(color = Color("#FF0000"))),
    Edge("A", "B", EdgeAttributes(label = new Plain("This is a label"))),
    Edge("A", "C"),
    Edge("B", "C"),
    Edge("B", "D", EdgeAttributes(style = dashed)),

This will yield the following output (Click for dot-source):


  • Implement basic validation.
  • Implement basic graph transformations.
  • Implement more missing attribute types.
  • Some attribute grouping mechanism that works across different kinds of attributes.
  • Separate code that is used to generate code from the graphviz schema from the actual library. |
  • Add support for node port short cut syntax


  • Deploy to maven central.

  • Support for HTML like labels

    • Support font attributes
    • Come up with a nicer model for formatted text.
  • Fix various attribute types e.g. ArrowHead

  • Proper String escaping

  • Convert example into an actual test case.