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Snowplow Enrichment jobs and library

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Snowplow Enrich

Snowplow Enrich is a set of applications and libraries for processing raw Snowplow events into validated and enriched Snowplow events. It consists of following modules:

  • Snowplow Common Enrich - a core library, containing all validation and transformation logic. Published on Maven Central
  • Snowplow Stream Enrich - a set of applications working with Kinesis, Kafka and NSQ. Each asset published as Docker image on DockerHub
  • Snowplow Enrich PubSub - an application for a GCP pipeline that does not require a distributed computing framework. Published as Docker image on DockerHub

Snowplow Enrich provides record-level enrichment only: feeding in 1 raw Snowplow event will yield exactly 1 record out, where a record may be an enriched Snowplow event or a reported bad record.

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