sky-uk / fs2-kafka-topic-loader   0.0.2

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Reads the contents of provided Kafka topics

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13

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Reads the contents of provided Kafka topics determined by the LoadTopicStrategy.

  • LoadAll - reads the topics in their entirety
  • LoadCommitted - reads up to the configured consumer-group's last committed Offset

This library is aimed for usage in applications that want a deterministic stream of Kafka messages that completes once the last message (determined above) has been read. This is useful if an application shouldn't respond to new events before it has processed all previously seen messages, or if Kafka is being used as a data store and the entire contents of a topic needs to be reloaded on an application restart.


Add the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "" %% "fs2-kafka-topic-loader" % "<version>"
import cats.effect.{IO, IOApp}
import fs2.kafka.ConsumerSettings

object Main extends IOApp.Simple {
  val consumerSettings: ConsumerSettings[IO, String, String] = ???

  override def run: IO[Unit] =
    TopicLoader.load("topicToLoad"), LoadAll, consumerSettings).evalTap(IO.println).compile.drain

See LoadExample.scala for a more detailed example.


Configuration from the Topic Loader is done via the ConsumerSettings. The group id of the Topic Loader should match the group id of your application.


Contributions are welcomed! For contributions see here for more information.